Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesdays Still Suck

Ok so last Wednesday I explained how this middle-of-the-week, stupid f-ing day is the absolute worst. Didn't read it? Find it here. So I am going to continue by briefly explaining all of the crappy WTF moments that happened to make this day so shitty and pointless.

First, I spent all day yesterday (or what felt like all day) painting a toy box for #2's room. I was so excited about this because I was saving money (by the way, have you seen how much those things fucking cost?) and I was getting some crafting time in, which I never do anymore (I blame the kids). So this morning I was in the bathroom, enjoying my only few seconds of complete silence, and I think I must have blinked for way too long because the next thing I know #1 comes running at me screaming that #2 is "painteding". OK so the next few seconds as I am running toward the direction of my 'work space' I am thinking oh God oh God please don't be bad just please God if she painted the fucking wall I will have to have a drink and I don't care if it is 10am I don't care. So I get there and *sigh luckily she only painted the toy box and not everything else. Let's just say the beautiful toy box that I spent so much time painting yesterday looks a little funky now, but I guess it could have been worse, and she was of course sent to her room until I repainted it and it dried COMPLETELY (I was not playing around with her today).

Later in the afternoon I was in my office fixing my computer because it apparently got infected with the most awful Trojan virus last night, but with a little luck and my mad computer skills I was able to fix it after staring at it for over 2 hours sending death threats with my eyes and yelling "go away" to anyone who came within 10 feet of my office (I did not have time to deal with them, it was serious).

So after everything is fixed on my computer I am talking on the phone with a friend. #1 snuck into my office and all I feel is something wet hitting my back. When you have kids and you encounter something wet your imagination begins to run in every direction, because you know it could be anything. So I turn around and get squirted right in the mouth with what? CLEANING SPRAY! Oh my... I lost it! "Stop, stop, no, *spank, go to your room!" I pulled her to her room while rubbing my tongue on my shirt (I know it's gross, but freaking cleaning spray?!?)
It does a damn good job of getting god-knows-what off the TV, but it sure does taste like shit

All goes well, ok so at least better, until about 7pm when I decided to go to sleep accidently with the girls on the couch while watching a movie. I wake up at 9 and realize my hubby is on the way home so I call him and tell him if he's hungry he just needs to pick something up. I then take #1 to her bed and turn around to find #2 is WIDE awake, shit.

So as of now Hubby's asleep, #1's asleep, and I'm hiding in my office to avoid letting #2 know that someone is still up besides her. Will this work? Probably Not.

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