Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesdays Suck

So Wednesday is the absolute worst day of the week. You would think Monday would suck but really Monday is easy because the kids are worn out from the weekend, the hubby’s gone (I can really only handle all of them together in doses) the house is pretty much a wreck usually but that’s no biggie. Tuesday’s are just forgettable, nothing spectacular ever really happens, I spend most of the day making lists and playing with the kids. But it’s like when Wednesday gets here all Hell breaks loose in the house.
 The kids are sick of seeing my face and listening to my stupid rules so, like today, they spend 85% of their time in the corner…

I’ve watched those damn nanny shows about a million times and I’ve listened to them say to put your child in time-out, ignore them, let them scream, and then talk to them about what they did wrong…. Ok so I’ve been doing just that. The problem is my kids don’t give a shit if they go to the corner. Apparently the corner is their friend; apparently they prefer staring into the crease of my living room over listening to my stupid rules. It has gotten to the point where when I tell my 2yr old to go the corner I swear I see her skipping to the damn thing like she just beat me or something.  Well today when I put my oldest in the corner (for the 15th time) it was awesome because she actually did not like it this time, she screamed and cried and kicked the wall. I felt a little success creeping up and I thought THIS IS IT, she will now listen to me for the rest of the day. WRONG we had to go to the store and get groceries, the 2 minute car ride was hell enough until we got into the doorway. Let me just say whoever the hell came up with the idea to put multi-colored cakes right inside the damn door is an f-ing idiot. I almost bought the damn thing so I could shove it into whoever he or she was who put it there’s stupid face.  So halfway in the store I had to come up with something, anything that would allow me to survive this stupid shopping trip, so I saw some candy bars for cheap and I told the girls “now listen, mommy will buy these for you but you have to be good throughout the whole trip and if you are loud and embarrass me in front of all these strange people I will put them back and you will never get to taste this delicious chocolate” of course, another feel of success. I made it to the end of the store and we are about to leave when I realize I forgot something (and of course it was on the OTHER side of the store) so we had to rush to the other side because I saw the 2yr old getting antsy.  Needless to say we made it out, and although I had to threaten to put them back at least 10 times the girls got their candy bars.
My favorite part of a day like this is when we get in the car and the girls are so worn out from making a fool of me in the store that they are completely silent for the whole two minutes it takes for us to get home. *sigh peace*
I would tell you what it has been like since we’ve been home but there really is no need. All I have to say is next time I bribe them to be good in public it IS NOT GOING TO BE WITH CHOCOLATE FREAKING CANDY BARS!

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