Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I am Doing on My Week Off

So last Sunday I finished my final for one of my classes and I don’t have to start another class for one more week. I told my hubby on Monday that I had BIG plans for this week and then I started talking about all the things I am going to get done like cleaning my nasty ass house, give the dogs a bath, go through all the kids toys, donate. Yeah well now it’s Wednesday and I have achieved NOTHING.
 My floors haven’t been mopped and there are random sticky spots everywhere, WTF?, my sink is full of dishes that should have been washed three days ago, my dogs stink, my kids stink, hell I stink. My couch on the other hand has a dip in it the size of my butt and has been kept pretty freakin warm. Oh I did manage to have everyone fed tonight too which is something I haven’t accomplished all week either, unless PB&Js count? I don’t know, they liked it, they’re not starving, who cares.
But really today was disappointing because I was able to wake up, kind of on schedule, had a plan to let the girls play outside, figures it rained, clean my office, make a shopping list for what’s left of the week.
I REALLY SHOULD HAVE MADE A SHOPPING TRIP MONDAY, I mean the dogs have been out of food and eating random shit out of the fridge, my coffee literally had brown sugar in it because I used the last of the regular sugar making Kool-Aid. WE DESPERATELY NEED FOOD IN OUR HOUSE.
 It sounds bad but it’s not because I am lazy, we are also experiencing a shortage of work on my hubby’s side, damn economy, and him and I have decided to go on this crazy ass diet where I only eat healthy foods and drink water. Needless to say making a list for food is quite depressing so I feel an anxiety attack coming on every time I think about eating veggies and clipping coupons for stuff I don’t want. And about the diet thing, I know it shouldn’t be a big deal that I can’t have my weekly burger and fries and make greasy pizzas, I mean I literally cram veggies down my kids throats all the time. But I love that food, that food makes me happy. Ok so that’s my week so far… A lot planning, list-making, procrastinating… and going through the hell of starting a diet and choosing whether or not to eat the healthy stuff or starve myself….hmm?
We’ll see where I’m at in a week, hopefully I will make it to the store before then, if not I’m eating the dogs.  

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