Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Would you let a lion eat your child?

Ok so now that I am in the browsing mood, I ran into another mommy blog Confessions of a Lazy Mom and she had posted this video that she had discovered on YouTube.....

Ok so this would be me in this zoo "GET YOUR F-ING KIDS AND RUN!!!!"
I don't give a damn if the glass between my baby and this man-eating monstrous animal is 5' thick, my mommy paranoia would've kicked in the moment he gave her the I'm gonna eat your f-ng face off  look and we would've been GONE.

What's more funny is that I went to the actual youtube posting and the description is talking about the zoo and the human animal interaction, and living in peace, blah blah blah I did not see them say anything about having lions that want to eat your precious babies' faces off!


  1. THANK YOU! I am so glad you are with me on this one Joyce, I mean really how long would you let your precious baby stand there in front of this (obviously) pissed off animal?