Meet My Family

They Call Me Mommy
 Just a few things about myself: 

I am Brittany A.K.A Mommy, I have two beautiful, crazy ass little girls and a wonderful husband (not really my husband I just say that so other people will stop asking if he is the father of BOTH my kids, Not that I have a problem with that).

I would love to say that I live a busy and oh-so exciting life but in reality I live a consistently boring life filled with the occasional (very rare) outings in which someone actually wants to watch my kids for a night.

My life can be summed up by a look into my daily routine:

*Wake-Up (not the happiest part of my day)
*Start the coffee maker
*Turn on cartoons a.k.a my babysitter.
*Pace my kitchen floor thinking about, not doing, the things I need to do that day
*Feed the kids
*Finish the pot of coffee and refill
*Work on my school work
*Yell at the kids
*Pace the kitchen floor

The rest of the day is pretty much a blur of yelling, screaming, crying (me and the kids), eating, cleaning, feeding, crying some more, fighting off naps, screaming... There really is no need to explain the rest of the day. But the highlight is when for some miracle I get both kids in the bed and their crazy little demon eyes close and they dream about what they will put me through the next day.

That is my life in a nutshell. Exciting right?
Meet the "Hubby"

 Josh is an incredible man (surprisingly they do exist), he works all the time and when he is not working he spends every moment with our girls.

He is really a great dad although he is also the reason my kids learn all of the bad things that they do like fighting and throwing things at mommy. He is a bad influence on young kids!

He is also the reason I am partly sane and he has the will-power to stay with me even though most nights consist of me saying "I'm not in the mood". (Yes I deny him, but I have my reasons and their names are Breanna and Bailey and I am on the worst and most effective birth control ever)

Meet the Girls

They may look very sweet, almost angel-like but don't be fooled by their innocence because underneath all that cuteness there lies a monster that apparently hates nap times, thinks all things of value look better in the trash and lives to destroy every last nerve that I have in my body.

Their life mission is to remind me why when people ask me "Are you gonna try for a boy?" The answer is so easy. Two words, two syllables. HELL NO